Creations: Promotion

All great things grow by nature in the belly. Ask your mother ;-) So do our ideas. In our native Dutch language we use the expression 'buikgevoel' (litterally translated: belly-feeling, officially: gutfeeling). One can dicuss taste and colour, but we all feel when something is right. Beside the theory about the marketing mix, we always consult that belly and a testing audience when it comes to determining the most suitable medium.

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ChoFleur - Love me, Love me lots - POP material

POP material

TopOfMind presents their refrigerators with pronounced image creation. Moreover, the customer can easily make a choice thanks to the handy menu on top of the fridges.

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ChocDecor - ChauCho! - Leaflets


Just stir the stick in hot milk and enjoy your authentic hot chocolate drink! TopOfMind designed flyers with charming image creations to convince the customer of these delights.

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Goethals Juweliers - Jewelers - Advertisement


Straightforward, stylish and elegant ... that's all that's needed for a convincing advertisement. A state-of-the-art logo as a base always makes it easy ;-)